Friday, September 30, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 2

Here I sit on a Friday night watching Criminal Minds and writing another genealogy post. I recently realized, via twitter, that many of the genealogy peeps I follow watch the show. So glad I'm not the only one. Kind of sad I'm doing this on a Friday night though. I really need a social life.

Ok time for more pictures. They're not really organized by which side of the family. It kind of goes in spurts. Some of my Polish peeps, some from my grandpas side.

Don't forget, info on these peeps can be found in my earlier posts. If you recognize anyone or think there might be a connection don't hesitate to comment :)

My Busia and Cioci Ernie (Cioci=Aunt in Polish)

My mom's the cute one

No idea... Possibly a cousin of my Busia's or something...


Marion Hauck and "Grandma Carrie" Apparently Marion was married twice?

Pretty dress. no idea who they are. Really need to write down my stuff


Yeah thats pretty much how I remember her.

my pap!

Well, those potato chips will be a little burned...

Marion Hauck's parents (Wilfred Hauck & Mary Swank)

Man I really hate this sideways stuff.  Ok on the bottom row we have Russel, Walter and Earl Persing. Behind Earl is Florence

Aunt Harriet (Pitner)

Wilferd (Eleanor's brother) Apparently they called him uncle wimp? No idea why...

Busia at first communion. 

My Busia is on the right. 

Mildred & Louis Bieda

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  1. I can Identify most of the pictures, but I don't know how to send pictures to you with the names, perhaps on Xanga?