Friday, September 23, 2011

Presbyterian Chapel Cemetery

I am very proud of this one. I started researching my cemeteries about a month before my vacation. Via Find a Grave, I knew that Lambert Pitner was in this cemetery. Also that the cemetery was in Northumberland county. And I had a picture of Lambert's headstone. That was it. No location. No address. Nothing. Finally I did an message board search. I highly recommend this if you are stuck!!

1795... I repeat. 17... 95...
Also note it says Shamokin. I'd consider it more Elysburg but hey.

There were two people talking about this cemetery. From there I gathered that it was 2.5 miles outside of Elysburg on Snydertown Rd. It was passed the industrial park and on the right side. It was in a grove of trees between a house and a bible church. Now I could have just waited until I got up north and drove down the street until I found a cemetery. But no no. Why do that when we have technology?

Google maps. Ahh. How I love you. Now what I did on good ole google map satellite view was first locate the start of Snydertown Rd in Elysburg. Pretty simple. It starts on market street and just keeps heading to the left of the screen. Next use that little measuring thingy on the bottom and figure out how far 2.5 miles is. Follow the road and landmarks to make sure. In google maps I passed the industrial park and about 2.5 miles on the "right" side of the road I saw two buildings and a grove of trees in the middle. But alas no matter how far I zoomed it only got blurry. But it was promising.

Next thing to do is try the street view. It's as if you're standing on a street and looking around. "Brilliant!" says I. I could probably see the cemetery from the road! Alas, no. Pennsylvania is hill/mountain country. My computer and I virtually stood on Snydertown Rd looking at a hill. With a street sign and part of a house visible.

Next tip for searches like this: When you are on the road looking for these places (or having someone drive while you look) it is good to have an iPhone. Or a phone with google or maps or any combination. In my app there was a little blue dot signifying where we were and I had a pin where the cemetery might be. It helps you know when you are getting close.

Now at this point in my trip my grandparents (yes I do love them) were starting to... how do you say... get on my nerves? Hey it happens. I think we were on day 10 of constant contact. So my mom and I hijacked the car and went out to the cemetery.

Now in previous posts I've mentioned the crime scene photography technique. I cannot stress this enough. I used it SO much this day. Ready for the insane amount of photographs? Ok.

360 photos (ok more like 180):

"Victory Bible Church"

"Laurel Rd"
Remember, signs are important for landmarks.

Ok so first do you're over all pictures. Next we do what? Correct we zoom! *hands readers cookies*
If you look hard you can see a tombstone. 

Lovely progressive shots. It's like you're walking through.

Ok so we've reached the actual cemetery. Time for more overall shots.

When starting overalls in a second location try to include a landmark. The sign for the cemetery is in this picture. It show's I'm inside a little bit but still near the starting point.

Part of the sign is still visible. Continuing the 360.

take a picture even if there's not much there.

And theres a little tiny bit of the sign area on the far left. very little.  but Daniel Kase's headstone is in both this picture and the first so the 360 is complete. Woo!

As you explore take progressive photos. 

No idea if I'm related to this little girl but I just love this stone. "Herelyeth". Fabulous. Born in 1803 & died 4 days later.  Very sad.
Some pictures show the state of this cemetery. So sad. It makes me want to clean it up. Very much.

Its like the tree... ate it or something...

A Pitner? Hmmm...

Le gasp! Can it be?

Captain Lambert Pitner!
Now he was pretty far in. After I stepped back a ways I took some pics to show the location...

Ok Lambert is in the middle ish...

Using my moms pink purse as a reference on the left... theres a shot of the edge of the cemetery with the sign. 

Ok now sometimes in the excitement of arriving at the cemetery you may forget to take a picture of the surrounding location. Just remember to take it before you leave. :)

See. Sign for a bible church. and a house. Google maps for the win.
I hope you enjoyed my cemetery posts! That's not the end of my genealogy filled vacation though. Oh no. 

I found photos and documents in a garage at my great grandmothers. I found old photos hidden in boxes at my grandma's house. And of course I documented all of it. Stay tuned!

(Also.. 5 posts in a row? Thats a record people!)

Also also! I would like to announce that this month for the first time ever.... my blog has had 100+ views. WOOO! Thanks guys!!


  1. I made the same exact search for my grandfather, Lambert Pitner two years ago...I was so incredibly excited to find his headstone!!! Well done!!!

    1. Well that would make you my cousin then!! I was very excited too! When I figured out where it might be I wanted to go ASAP... which was a problem since I live 1200 miles away from it. haha.

  2. I think it is great that you found and photografted this part of our history. Excuse my spelling.