Friday, January 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

Once again sorry for the lack of posts.

I recently started an internship and thats the last place you imagine to find a potential relative correct? Well, I don't know what any of you think but hey. I wasn't looking for a long lost cousin or anything.

In Florida the Persing name isn't very common. That I know of anyway. I have limited family down here. Anyway I was introduced to someone with the same last name. He looked at me kind of funny at first like.. why are you saying my last name. (I had to give him my name to write down). We got to talking and it turns out his father was from the Williamsport area of Pa. Quick mapquest visit. Less than an hour from where I grew up. I've even been there before. So is it possible for two people with the same last name who have ties to the northeastern quarter of the state to be related? It seems pretty possible to me especially when has me connected to 51 million people.

When we talked about relatives and such I didn't hear any familiar names... but that doesn't mean they aren't there. In many of my posts I only talk about a direct line. I don't mention siblings, other children, etc. Try and add up all the names from the siblings of someone from the 1700s. Then calculate how many descendent's of that person are alive today. Try and figure out how many were around that original location. It's crazy how many people we are potentially related to.

I don't know for sure if I'm related to this guy. But I hope he talked to his family and put the idea of genealogy into his mind. I don't know if I'll get to see him during the rest of my internship either.

Goodnight everyone. If your up north stay out of the cold. If you're down south like me, laugh at the northerners. (kidding... sort of)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Procrastinate Much?

Wow... last time I posted was Festivus. Holy crap. I failed. I'm sorry to anyone who actually reads my blog. I did notice on my stats page that I have some visitors from overseas. Thats exciting. I appreciate you randomly stumbling upon my blog.

Ok moving on.

I was getting bored with the Lantz line. I'm going to save Martz, Sigfried, and Kraybill for another time. I'm not prepared to write about them yet and I'm not mentally organized for that. I've been focusing on the Pitner side so... thats what I'll start on today.

Quick recap. My grandfather's mother was Eleanor Hauck, daughter of Marion Hauck and Ruth Pitner.

Ruth's parents were John Pitner and Ellen Kase (oh dear... another huge branch...). They had several children (looking at my tree and not sure of its accuracy at the moment), one was named Harriet and she was a teacher. She never married. I saw one of her History books and I thought it was really strange.... it didn't have anything about WWI WWII etc... and then I realized wait... she was born in 1885...

So skipping over the Kase branch for now and moving farther up on the Pitner end....

John's parents were Abner Pitner (b.1814) and Mary Kipp

Abner's parents were John Pitner (yep, starting to repeat names now) and Mary Tomlinson . Interesting fact. John had a sister named Nancy. Nancy married William Persing. Might have to go back a few entries but you will find that William had a brother named Jacob... and Jacob was my fourth great grandfather. Now that I've completely confused you, I'll say that Nancy was my sixth great aunt, and the wife of my fifth great uncle.

If anyone followed that, high five.

John Pitner (1787) was the son of Lambert Pitner and Elida Farley. This is a really important connection. Without this.... my family wouldn't be half as cool as it is. Lets put it this way. Without the Pitners and the Farleys... I wouldn't be connected to 50 million profiles on

Little story on Lambert (ish) then finishing up the Pitner line.

Lambert served as a captain in the Revolutionary Army. His family lived on the Delaware and this the Brit's weren't very nice. When his sister Sarah was about 3 or 4 yrs old the Brits came in the house, threw her across the room and took the bedding (She was ok). Also one of the soldiers said they would burn down the house... but the guy above him was like... stfu *arrest*. This guy seemed... nicer I suppose. He put a guard around the house and threatened anyone who made a similar attempt. The guy said to Mrs. Pitner (mother of Lambert) that they only wanted her son "but as they could not get him, they would take what bedding and linen they wanted to dress their wounded" She said she hoped her son "would give them occasion to use it."

I think thats a pretty kick ass story. It wasn't really about Lambert but hey. Females don't get enough credit back then.

Lambert's parents were Hendry Pitner and Deborah Lambert (woo hoo for kick ass 7th great grandmothers!)

Deborah's father was Michael Lambert

Hendry's father was Johannes Gaspar (love that name) Pitner
His mother was Anne M. Pitnerin.

There you have it. The Pitner family.

Next time... I'm not sure how I'll organize everything but Farley eventually leads to Hungerford which eventually leads to all sorts of royalty. Which is pretty cool. I might only get to the Farley's. Who knows. Theres a lot of back and forth name repetition which drives me INSANE!!!!

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post... school has started again and it's my last. semester. EVER. I have an internship 2 days a week (9 hrs+ per day) class 2 days a week, 2 online classes and work 2 days a week. That leaves me little room for sanity at this point. I'm currently procrastinating on a quiz (hey give me a break its due tomorrow at midnight). So whenever I post, I'm most likely procrastinating.

Oh one more thing... Please leave comments if you recognize the posts in this entry or any of my previous entries!! Thanks <3