Monday, September 19, 2011

Oak Grove Cemetery and Photos of Elysburg

Oak Grove Cemetery is not far from the Blue Church. We looked around but I'm pretty sure none of our relatives are buried there. Found the Persing surname though so it is possible.

This was taken at Blue Church.  If you look by those trees in the right thats where the other cemetery is.

And way in the back is Blue Church.

Ok so after exploring the two cemeteries my grandpa decided (and he does this quite frequently) to take a detour. We ended up on a twisty road that they don't plow in the winter. If I would've been driving I would be afraid of driving off the mountain. Another side trip took us to an area that overlooks all of Elysburg. 

On the way up the mountain... That dot is a hawk.

The gun club is that row of white things. Center of town is beyond the group of trees. Sheetz gas station is the red thing.

More of the gun club (I'm moving L to R in photos)

Golf course is on the right. Thats on 487 before Knoebels Amusement Resort

View from Monastery Rd. The little gap in the trees up there is where we were standing.

Its not much of a cemetery post but it includes part of the town where I grew up.

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