Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 3

Happy October! This time (ish.. actually on the 12th...) last year I started my blog! Hard to believe.

Ok time for more pictures. I know I've been skipping around a bit but thats how I came across the pictures. I tried to group some of the potato chip fire pictures together...

before.... obviously.. 
Pretty sad. They made Jalapeno hot chips. I love chips. and Jalapenos.. alas.

Report Card

Aunt Jessie. Married Russel I believe.

Eleanor and her brother

Marion & Carrie

Now this is an interesting one. Clinton Kase is second to the right. Picture was taken in 1870. J.D. Clinton Kase was born in 1827, died in 1906

Harriet & Dora Pitner in Florida. Hmm... wonder what part

Betty Yeager (Florence Persing + Morris Yeager)

Chester Persing. Went out to Illinois. Did some military stuff and edited childrens books.

No idea who she is. but the dress is awesome.

Face cut off in the back. It was stuck to the notebook in the background at some point....

This is exciting... who can tell me who that nifty lookin man in the middle is?

"Our president and the president of Panama at the pier just when he got off the boat."
 If you answered FDR you would be correct! No idea when this was taken. Or where. Who took it. But isn't that cool?

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