Monday, November 22, 2010

Persing + Shipe

Jacob Persing (1799) married Elizabeth Shipe (1805)

Elizabeth's parents were John Henry Shipe and Elizabeth Scherri. Other children from this marriage include: John, Henry, Abraham, Jacob, Maria, and Michael.

John Henry's parents were Anna Eitel and Johan Michael Schieb. Anna's father was John Eitel. No other information is available on her side. Children born to Anna and Johan Michael include: Anna, Margaret, Anna Barbara, and Peter.

Ok from this point on, I will not include brothers or sisters. Apparently in those days everyone wanted to name their kids the same and it just gets complicated.

Johan Michael Schieb's parents were Juliana Suter (b.1714) and Johan Adam. he was possibly married to two other women.
-- Julianna's parents were Johannes Suter and Elizabeth Luther. Elizabeth's mother was Julia.

Johan Adam's parents were Anna Rauch and Johan Nickel Schieb.
--Anna's parents were Hans Peter Rauch and Maria Goler.
---Hans Peter's parents: Reichart Rauch and Martha Helm. Martha's father was Theobold
----Reichart's parents: Peter Rauch and Baebara Schwind. Barbara's father was named Casper
---Maria Goler's parents: Nickel (1590) and Christina
----Nickel's parents: Peter and Catharina

Next time I'll finish up the Schieb line.... I hope.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walter to Jacob

Walter Persing was my great grandfather and was born in 1906. He died aroune 1970 so I never met him.
His parents were Charles and Cora. All together they had 5 children: Chester (1896), Florence (1898), Earl (1900), Russel (Rudy, 1902), and Walter.

Walter and Earl invented jalepeno hot chips and sold them until a fire in the 1960s.

Earl married and lived near Gettysburg for a while. He had no children.

Florence married Morris Yeager. I don't know the names of the children or grandchildren.

Chester Persing was WMA's headmaster from 1937 until its closing in 1971. He also wrote books and translated childrens books into other languages. Apparenty he did an extensive genealogy... I need to look into that.

Rudy married Jessie, they had no children. Rudy died in the late 40s ealry 50s. He once conducted a train that ran from Shamokin, to Minersville, and Reading.

Charles was born in 1872. His parents were Ilif Persing and Mary Johnston. Ilif was in the Civil war.
Other children from this marriage include Joseph, Harry, and Margaret/ Maggie.

Ilif was born in 1839. His parents were Jacob Persing (1799) and Elizabeth Shipe (1805).
There were about 8 children, and I will get to that later.


Jacob + Elizabeth
-Ilif + Mary Johnston
--Maggie + Daniel Hornberger
--Charles + Cora
---Chester + ?
---Florence + Morris Yeager
---Earl +?
---Russel/ Rudy + Jessie
---Walter + Eleanor Hauck
----my grandpa
----my uncle
----another uncle

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Comming soon....

So the Polish side is done, now onto my grandpa's side. The information on that side is overwhelming and still getting updated. By the end of the year I'd like to cover the following surnames: Persing, Hauck, Ship/Schieb, and Lantz.

Heres how the posts are going to go...

My great grandfather Walter Persing b. 1906 to Jacob Persing b. 1799.

Jacob Persing + Elizabeth Ship, all of the Ship/ Schieb line.

Back to Persing, Jacob's parents all the way back.

Next its on to the Hauck's... my great grandmother and a few generations back to Marion, Wilfred, and Henry.

Hauck + Lantz, and Henry back to Jacob b. 1720

Back to Lantz family

Just a general outline of whats to come. I need to stay semi organized. Maybe a post later this week, maybe not depending on homework.

Also, a new member was added to the tree yesterday. My cousin Rudy Marion Persing was born just before 1am on 11/8/10 8 lbs 8 oz 20 ish inches long. He looks exactly like my pap!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lapinski Update can be pretty awesome at times.

Yesterday I was randomly searching for variations of the name Anthony Lapinsky and I managed to find a marriage certificate. I'm pretty sure its the Anthony I'm looking for. It said he married "Ludwica" which sounds the same as Ludwika. Also, The date was 24 May 1892, and it was in Northumberland Co. Pa. Their first child wasn't born until 1894 so this works too. Luckily, there were some more names that I didn't have previously.

Anthony's parents: John and Josephine Lapinski

Only Ludwika's father was mentioned: George Kazanicka

Short post today, and the last of my Polish roots (so far...)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lapinsky's...

or Lapinski.... Lipinski... Lupinski... etc etc...

Now that the Bieda side is done, as much as possible, I will share my great grandmother's side. I'm having a lot of issues, mostly name changes.

My great grandmother's name was Mildred Lapinsky. Her parents were Anthony (Antoni) and Louise (Ludwiga). I don't have a last name for her. I know that they married in America. I'm not sure if Louise was born in America or Poland. Anthony came over from Poland twice. Apparently he didn't like America the first time. In a census record I found Louise listed as Julia. I would have disregarded the record, but all of the children were the same (except for a Ludwika changed to Julia)

The children were: Stanley (b. 1894), Josephine (1895), Julie (1897), Frances (1898), Anna (1899), and Mildred (1905).

Frances kind of confuses me... On another census I found the name Nancy. Maybe they called her Francy and the census taker heard Nancy.. I don't know.

Since that pretty much is the end of my Polish side, I thought I'd share some more Polish stuff. Here are a few words my family uses.

Dziadzi (ja-jee)- grandpa
Busia- grandma
Cioci- aunt
Matka- mother
Ojciec- father

Example: My busia would talk about her cioci Frances.

Food.... very very important!!!
Pierogi- yum yum yum. we usually make Mrs T's with butter and plenty of onions. Very good deep fried! Cottage cheese ones are good too, but Mrs. T's doesn't make those...

Golabki- "little pigeon" stuffed cabbage. delish. We use both beef and pork, and cooked rice for the stuffing part. Then of course cooked cabbage. Put those in a baking dish covered with extra cabbage leaves, place more on top, then cover with tomato juice. Serve with mashed potatoes and use the tomato juice as gravy. AMAZING

Halushki- cabbage and noodles

Bleenies- potato pancakes. good with salt, pepper, and a little bit of sour cream. mmm

Chrusciki- angel wings. I've never tried them but apparently its some sort of dough with powdered sugar?
Anyway, as my cousin says, never put dough in front of a polish girl.

As I'm writing this I may have found another link to the Lapinski's thanks to Stay tuned.