Sunday, September 11, 2011

St. Peter's Reformed Church (Blue Church)

Two days in a row of posting?! Le gasp!!!

Ok this cemetery we hit on 8/26. Alas the first disappointment. I had about 5 people I wanted to find.. and I think I found 2. Well, looking back on my notes one might be a different person than I thought

Here's the list of people I wanted to find:
William Persing- check
Elizabeth Cherry Shipe- might not be the one I was looking for... but I got a picture of her headstone anyway...
Heinrich Shipe
Jacob Persing
Elizabeth Shipe Persing

There were also a bunch of Shipe, Martz, and McWilliams... Not sure if they are related but I took photos anyway.

6th great uncle
Going through my pictures I realized I took another picture without realizing who it was...
3rd great uncle

A bunch of the headstones at this cemetery were worn. I assume everyone on my list is one of those stones.

I have one more photo to share. Just something neat...

To me it looks like trees and a sunset ish thing. It has a pink/orange tone to it and the "trees" looks like they have good shading. really though, the "tree trunks" are cracks in the stone.

Next up...
Oak Grove
Saint Stanislaus
Odd Fellows
Hooded Grave
Presbyterian Chapel

Also to come...
Cavalry sword
Old things from a trunk
Old pictures

Must stop typing now. Hit my elbow and it kills. No, it is not humerus so don't laugh...

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  1. I think that there is a Jacob Persing in the cemetary across the road from the Catholic Church in Elysburgat the top of center Street I think. Walter & Eleanor Persing as well as Harriet & Dora Pitner, and many of the McWilliams and Kases and older Pitners are at rest there.