Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saint Stanislaus Cemetery

This was a pretty interesting cemetery to visit. There's not only one cemetery here but many. Saint Stans is the Polish cemetery. Across the street is the Jewish cemetery. Towards the back is the Russian Cemetery and the Ukranian Cemetery (I think). If I'm not mistaken there's a separate Catholic cemetery too. I didn't see any sign for Saint Stans. 

This next one would be Jakob and Anna Bieda. Apparently "Bieda" didn't sound Polish enough for them.
Matka= Mother Ojciec= Father
Saint Edward's Cemetery- Catholic?
Jewish Cemetery
Russian Cemetery
This, like the Shamokin Cemetery visit, was a whole family deal. But this time we actually knew where people were buried. And lucky ole me got to hear a story. Apparently my grandma had another sister. I think the baby was stillborn. Since the baby wasn't baptized the church/ cemetery wouldn't let her be buried in the cemetery. She was buried just outside of it. My grandma remembered going there with her brother, sister, and father. When she was older she remembered someone saying that the trucks go through that area. Now the area us basically a gravel road. There is no marker.

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