Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been a fabulous failure at blogging this month, and last month. I haven't really been able to focus for whatever reason.

Since this is a very short post and nothing worth while will come of it, I'll just suggest some lovely sites for you all.

First of all, History Pin is AWESOME. You basically pin your old pictures to a map with the year they were taken. Pretty cool. I've only posted about 6 but hey, that's all I have to work with. And it's free!

1000 Memories is pretty cool. I haven't done too much with it but you post  pictures and can see your family tree yadda yadda yadda. And it's free!

Anyway. There should be some interesting stuff coming up in the next few weeks so I will keep you all updated. I'll just say... I'm not sure how it happened. Considering there are more experienced genealogy peeps out there. I know, I follow them on twitter. All of them have better blogs than me too. I don't even use proper punctuation half the time. I'll keep you all updated though.

Ok thats all for me. Later peeps!