Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 1

While I look at the pictures in the folder I created, I realized I took 500+ photos of.. well... photos. Don't worry. I won't post all 500. Some are the backs of pictures letting me know who they are, some are doubles, etc.

That reminds me of my first tip. When you are not near a scanner (my grandparents don't even have a computer) and are forced to photograph pictures, make sure you photograph the back too. Not all will have writing on the back. or even legible writing, but its a good idea to take a picture if you see something.

Ok ok. less talk. More pictures.

Yay newspaper articles! Photo taken 1924

Girl in middle with glasses is Eleanor Hauck Persing. Approx. 11 years old. She had all the cool stuff in the garage.

so THATS why I love potato chips... it's genetic!

They all look so happy! *sarcasm*

Myrtle? Don't blame her for using Eleanor instead...

Look at the size of the class! My H.S graduation had 400+ people!

Right side is my Busia

2nd row, 2nd in is Busia again

Aunt Harriet (Pitner) is in the outfit. Some kind of parade or something. My aunt and uncle are the little ones. Mom is the tallest. Scary thing? I looked like that. Minus those clothes. And I know you can't see the face b/c of the hair but I KNOW I  looked like her at that age.... *shudder*

 All the above were my Busia...
Mildred and Louis. I called her Shasha instead of Busia. No idea why. Did distinguish between the two though. In this picture you can see her knee highs. 

Terrified of the headpiece...

Busia, Uncle Emil and Shasha. Guessing my mom is in the blankets?

Love this one.
* Busia is Polish for grandmother in case you didn't know :)

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