Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shamokin Cemetery

Yet another cemetery failure. I was looking for Ilif Persing along with several others. I even had a location for Ilif.  Block 6 #5 Range Grave 3 listed on.. something or other... But of course there is nothing in the cemetery to correspond with that.

This was a HUGE cemetery. Huge. Not very well taken care of though. Might be because of difficulty. Who puts a cemetery on  a mountain anyway? Then again the same people built a ton of houses on said mountain too.
This day was our marathon. It was Monday the 29th and we hit 3 cemeteries plus the Hooded Grave cemetery. Very interesting. More on that later.
One of two entrances. The right side of the cemetery road was just too much to explore for one day.

Did I mention this one is going to have a lot of pictures?

See what I mean about sad? Can't even get back there. No idea if it extends farther down.

Apparently there is vandalism too...

Some more overall photos....

FYI... tall grass can be difficult to navigate through... and can hide obstacles. Try not to sprain an ankle in a cemetery...

Pretty big huh? Yeah too bad thats not all the photos. Haha!

Love this picture. But after tromping around this place for at least an hour and finding nothing?  Imagine my facial expression. Also I must note that these stairs are difficult to climb. Crumbling and such. But my grandpa can do it no problem.

Lots and lots of moss! Have you ever walked on lots of moss? It's awesome! But slippery at times.

View from above. Explored most of the upper area. 

Lower middle area was mostly unexplored. My grandpa looked through those though.

I explored all the lower area. But none of the above.

Hurricane Irene came in the day before.

Believe it or not, I don't have photos of this whole cemetery. I'm missing overalls of the one half. And another bottom portion. (The matching section to the early high grass pictures.)

It took about 2 hours in this cemetery. Had to make a pit stop at the Coney Isand for lunch. (If you end up in Shamokin... GO! but don't stick you're hand under the bar... or tables...)

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