Monday, September 26, 2011

The Old Trunk in the Garage- Part 1

There is a trunk in my great grandmother's garage. Old books, old pictures, lots of dust and growing things... I needed some hand sanitizer after... lets just say that. Found lots of cool stuff though. It was a goldmine.

Now some photography tips for a situation like this. Do some overall shots, not as many as for cemeteries. When the trunk was first open I took some photos of what it looked like when we found it. Then progressive pictures of things that were in there. In some cases I took photos down at the garage then more detailed ones when we brought the goodies up to the house.

Also... when going through old pictures its a good idea to have an older family member there with you.

Ok so here are some really old ones... I believe they're tintypes? no idea what year though...

No idea who these peeps are or what year these are from... 

Hey look a bible! With stuff inside!
not sure why its turned to the side... 

Yes there are a lot of these....

The pictures keep turning and I dunno why. Anyway. date on this is 1810
There were a few notebooks with writing. I don't think they're too old. They look like whoever wrote them just copied out of a book.

Yay documents!

I won't bore you with the rest. Unless you would like...
John F Pitner. Says its 1870 ish so...

this can't be civil war if John F Pitner is in it... Any idea what it could be then?

Mary Mcwilliams + dog named rags

Artillery something or other

Once again apologies for the sideways pictures. I'll try to fix that for next time. 

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