Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pine Hill Cemetery

Note the technique. Cemetery sign and road sign all in one. ;)

In addition to Jacob's Church we also visited Pine Hill Cemetery on my first day in Pennsylvania. At this one I found my grandpa's parents (Walter and Eleanor Persing), several Pitners (John, Harriet, Dora), a few Kases and McWilliams.... which I didn't realize/remember I was related to some of them until my grandpa mentioned it.
 So... tip number one for this blog... take another family member with you if more recent people are in the cemetery... It's always good to have someone with you though. Big cemeteries= lots of work. Bring people and make them look with you.

The day after I found some records for John F. Pitner in my great grandmother's garage (Eleanor) 

didn't notice this before... 

Ok next tip... it's good if you know people in town. Or if your relatives know people in town. For example. My grandpa knows EVERYONE in town. or almost. Anyway. He just happens to know someone with records for the cemetery. There was a map! Wahooooo! With names filled in! There was even a book to go with it. Alphabetical order of everyone there where they're buried what section. Even what they died from. Genealogy heeeaven. 

this map is about 6ft long... lol.

didn't realize this one was sideways... lol
Ok next tip: If you're taking pictures of a map of a cemetery.. or anything big... start off with a big overall picture. Then zoom in sections. I only showed one but I took others. Started at the bottom and went up. ALSO. very important. ok maybe not very. But it's important to overlap slightly. like in that photo you can see bold writing (not my fam. but its a landmark on the map) So in my next photo I made sure to include that as well. (Bold writing towards the bottom.) I hope that makes sense. 

My brain has currently shut off for the night. More cemetery posts to come!

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