Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1 year Bloggerversary!!

Wow! One year since my first genealogy blog post! I currently have 7 lovely followers and for this month so far I have 119 page views. Do you know how many I had last year for October? 19. Thank you all so much!

In the past I've discovered so much thanks to geni and Love those sites. (I'd love them even more if they were free but hey.) I was introduced to and have contributed to it. Here is a list of my most exciting genealogy moments.

-My grandma sent me a photo album full of pictures taken in Poland <3
-And finding out the location where they were taken (since the writing on the back was Polish)
-Finally finding out the owner of the civil war sword.
-My first genealogical cemetery visits.
-Learning so much more when I was on vacation.
-Finding albums and photos of relatives. Along with old old documents.
-My aunt sent me an old broach... there will be a blog post devoted to it I'm sure

And of course, finding people I'm distantly related to (gen_freak and chickgonebad on twitter). Also also... finding awesome peeps on twitter who are as crazy about this as me. Maybe even more so.

So what's in store for my blog? My mind isn't completely made up but here's a few things I'd like to include:

-My sword pictures. My uncle pointed something out for me
-The broach.
-Perhaps the Polish documents I have. For whatever reason I haven't included those yet.

That all I can think of for now.

Thank you all for visiting! Now have some cake :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 6

Last blog post with family pictures. Almost finished with vacation photos. Ok lets get going.

My Busia at about 6 mons?

Pretty sure this is in Elysburg looking up Market Street.

No idea. But look at the clothes!


More Eleanor

I'm pretty sure this was on my nana's porch. 

Eleanor/ Nana and Walter, My pap's on the right... I think.

Mildred and Louis with all their kids. My Busia is in the black dress.

Lapinsky... or Lapinski. Mildred in the back on the left. Stanley in the middle.

Marion Hauck in the 1970s

Mildred I think

Love this picture! Eleanor in a tree.

On the back of this theres some writing

Ruth something or other holding Eleanor only 4 months old. Or maybe it says wks... 

No idea. But a pretty cool hat.

Well, thats all folks! I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures I've posted :)

 Next time I'll post some pictures of the civil war sword that I took myself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 5

When I was looking through pictures I was happy and excited but I only did the genealogy happy dance when I found some of the following photos. If you've been following my blog you know that my Polish side is the hardest to find anything on.

Louis/ Ludwik Bieda... and his parents Jakob and Anna!

After some computer touch ups.

His face is dark compared to his hands. No idea why but I think he looks pretty classy.

Probably Jozef


Jozef on the left. Most likely Alex on the right. 

Anna Bieda

Love this picture.  Louis and Mildred.
Mildred and her friend.

ok once again I hate that these pictures turn around. especially these ones because I like them.

Ok turn your head and your attention to the woman in the middle. 
Notice any similarity between the woman above and the woman here?

If you answered yes... then good job on agreeing with me. I probably should have pulled out the picture from the photo album and looked on the back. Next time. Any way.

*Edit 10/9*
Ok I just got back from my aunt's and I showed her some pictures. She told me that It's Anna and her hubby Walter Bieda and their grandson Jerry.
Louis and Jozef

If you have any information on my Polish peeps please comment below :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 4

It seems like these will never end... then again... what will I write about when I'm done?

Where did I leave off... oh yes... cool FDR photo. Moving on.


Jessie Persing and my uncle. (grandpa's brother)
Eleanor/ Nana. on a horse.

Back says "Ruth Hauck?"

my nana again

Emma McCormick 


Nana and her friend "Boots"

Nana & her brother

"Hauck reunion 1961"

Marion Hauck, Front row on the left. Those are his parents in between.

Marion on the left.

Guessing its an anniversary party.
Marion Hauck & Carrie

No idea. But I love the lady on the left.

I think Nana is the girl in the middle

On the back it says Persing 1949 49 yrs old. My guess is it *might* be Earl Persing because he was born in 1899

Marion and Carrie

My mom! haha!!

Louis Bieda
Shamokin High School 1925. Walter Persing is the one on the right not in uniform.

I'll either have two more of these or one large picture post. My Polish peeps are coming up (or a more concentrated section of them in the next set of photos)

Ta ta for now!