Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jacob's Church Cemetery

Not even 24 hours into my Pennsylvania vacation I hit my first 2 cemeteries. I briefly touched one this a few entries ago. But now comes the pictures. 

I made a few mistakes in my photography since I was excited. Some are blurry but for the most part you can figure out whats going on.

In some of these you'll notice a little kitty. He/she/it followed us around the entire time. I decided to nickname it bonejangles.

Uriah Swank, owner of the civil war sword, is buried here.

First few are the crime scene photography technique. First the signs. Then 360's

Ok next one shows a semi distance one. I later took close ups of each of these. You can see Pitner, Hauck, and Lambert. Has a house in the background. Gives a general idea of where in the cemetery these graves are located. 

And theres bonejangles.

Some very tiny tombstones. 

There is Uriah Swank and his wife... with the cat on top.

kitty looked so sad when we left :(

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