Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 6

Last blog post with family pictures. Almost finished with vacation photos. Ok lets get going.

My Busia at about 6 mons?

Pretty sure this is in Elysburg looking up Market Street.

No idea. But look at the clothes!


More Eleanor

I'm pretty sure this was on my nana's porch. 

Eleanor/ Nana and Walter, My pap's on the right... I think.

Mildred and Louis with all their kids. My Busia is in the black dress.

Lapinsky... or Lapinski. Mildred in the back on the left. Stanley in the middle.

Marion Hauck in the 1970s

Mildred I think

Love this picture! Eleanor in a tree.

On the back of this theres some writing

Ruth something or other holding Eleanor only 4 months old. Or maybe it says wks... 

No idea. But a pretty cool hat.

Well, thats all folks! I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures I've posted :)

 Next time I'll post some pictures of the civil war sword that I took myself.


  1. I love genealogy too! I have been working on the Shamokin Cemetery Records as well as my own family ancestry which goes back to Shamokin / Coal Township

  2. Really? Have you been able to find anything/anyone in the Shamokin Cemetery? I had such a hard time when I was there :\