Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pictures in Boxes- Part 4

It seems like these will never end... then again... what will I write about when I'm done?

Where did I leave off... oh yes... cool FDR photo. Moving on.


Jessie Persing and my uncle. (grandpa's brother)
Eleanor/ Nana. on a horse.

Back says "Ruth Hauck?"

my nana again

Emma McCormick 


Nana and her friend "Boots"

Nana & her brother

"Hauck reunion 1961"

Marion Hauck, Front row on the left. Those are his parents in between.

Marion on the left.

Guessing its an anniversary party.
Marion Hauck & Carrie

No idea. But I love the lady on the left.

I think Nana is the girl in the middle

On the back it says Persing 1949 49 yrs old. My guess is it *might* be Earl Persing because he was born in 1899

Marion and Carrie

My mom! haha!!

Louis Bieda
Shamokin High School 1925. Walter Persing is the one on the right not in uniform.

I'll either have two more of these or one large picture post. My Polish peeps are coming up (or a more concentrated section of them in the next set of photos)

Ta ta for now!

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