Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poland Summary and Coming Attractions

Ok so my main focus in my genealogy search is my great grandfather's relatives. The ones that were in the pictures I posted. This is what I know (mini repeat of a former post)

My great grandfather- Louis/Ludwik Bieda had a brother Walter...
Walter + Anna?
-Wanda + ? - surname would have changed from Bieda. Hence the brick wall...
--Jerry the aerospace guy + Barbara
---Adam... he would be about 43/44 years old now.

They were in Krakow Poland and near Wawel Castle and Tyniec Abbey.

If anyone has any tips on how to find these people please let me know!

Things to come...

The Farley family and Hungerford family. These will take up several posts. At least one for Farley and two or more for the Hungerfords. The first of these posts will hopefully be within the next week or two...

Sometime soon(ish) I'd like to make up and post a list of famous/ interesting people that I'm related to. has profiles of such people and you can check out those profiles and see if you are connected to them. right now I'm in the "big tree" meaning I'm connected to almost 52 million other profiles.

Anyway what I'm gettin at... if I post the names and then readers know that they are related to that person then we'll be connected. Just a though. It happened for me on twitter recently.

I have a few others from previous posts, but I'll deal with that sometime later...

Later peeps!

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