Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Farley Family Part 2

Last time I posted about the Farley family I left off with George's parents Jane Hungerford and Thomas Farley.

I'll get to the Hungerford's later

This part of my tree gets relatively messy. I think at one point I found Fabyan Farley (a brother of Thomas) married to Jane Hungerford. I was going insane because I kept finding Jane married to two people. It turns out that there were TWO Jane Hungerfords and they were cousins. They married 2 Farley brothers Thomas and Fabyan. They both had sons that immigrated to America. One in Mass. and one in Jamestown. Read that on an ancestry.com message board. 

Now I really hope I have the right one for this. Either way the Farley side will be the same, and the Hungerford side will not be far off.

Thomas Farley was born in 1570. His parents were Reginald Farley and Barbara Hastings. Reginald was born aroung 1530 and Barbara about 1532.

Reginald's parents were Richard Farley and Joan Eausham. Richard's father, John Farley, was born around 1465

So now we're into the 1400s and thats all the Farley family on my tree. Phew. 

Story time! There are a lot of websites that pop up if you type in Farley family. Trust me I just did that to refresh my memory. 

"This story has a very ancient setting in the fair land of Normandy. Later it traverses the channel to the shores of England where for centuries, during the Middle Ages, members of the House of Farley contributed to the progress and well-being of the Norman princes who established themselves at the coming of William the Conqueror. "

And looking through some of these sites I'm thinking my ancestor is Fabyan rather than Thomas. Like I said, this is all very confusing.

I'm also posting a link to Farleigh Castle although I think it has more to do with the Hungerfords than Farleys...

Thats all for now. Later genealogy peeps!

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