Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Farley Family Part 1 (aka Caleb & George)

Ok so in a previous post I mentioned that Lambert Pitner married Elida Farley and that this was a really cool connection. I'm going to post some Farley information, at least as much as I can before my brain starts to hurt.

Elida Farley: 1761- 1823 She had approximately 5 sisters and 4 brothers. Once again, not listing siblings unless something interesting pops up. But I will say that two of her brothers were named Caleb and George. This is just to confuse you later on.

Her parents were Catherine Gray and Caleb Farley. I have nothing on Catherine Gray.

Caleb Farley: 1719-1802 From my Geni tree it shows he only had one sibling. That seems odd for that time period though. Oh well.

His parents were Feminitie Teunison (no idea how to pronounce that) and George Farley. Once again no information on the mother.

George Farley: 1687-1720 George had several brothers and sisters... one brother was named Caleb. Seeing a pattern here? No? you will.

George's parents were Sarah Godfry and Caleb Farley... ahh now you're getting it. Crazy right?

So this time I actually have info on the mother. She lived between 1664 and 1704. Her parents were John Godfry and Mary Cox.
-John's parents: William Godfry b. 1610 and Margaret Webster b. 1609
-Mary's parents: Alice Wise b. 1620 and Moses Cox b. 1594 (seems like an iffy age difference to me but oh well...)

Caleb Farley: b. 1667 had a brother named... you guessed it George.

His parents were Caleb Farley and either Lydia Moore or Rebecca Hill. Caleb must have married twice but I'm pretty sure the mother was Rebecca Hill.

Looking at the Hill side it seem's pretty extensive. It will probably require its own post. It involves surnames like Toothaker Flamock and Fauntleroy. Yeah, gonna deal with that one later.

Ok so Caleb was born in 1645. His parents were Beatrice Snow and George Farley. George also had a second marriage but not gonna touch that either.

George Farley 1615-1693 He was the son of Jane Hungerford and Thomas Farley (Finally another name!!!)
George was born in England and died in Massachusetts.

Since there are still several generations of Farleys, and we only touched on one Hungerford out of a zillion that discussion will have to wait for another day.

Once again if you have any comments suggestions or recognize any names in this post or any others please please please let me know! Thanks!

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