Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture Update

So I found out some of the places where the pictures were taken. I edited the earlier picture posts and noted which ones had locations. I still need help identifying the others though.

Wawel Castle was identified by one of my twitter followers within like... 3 minutes of posting it. Awesome.
Tyniec was written on the back of some of the photos along with other Polish stuff so... I had no idea what was going on with that. My one facebook friend helped me translate the writing. After finding out it was a place and doing a Google image search I found similar pictures and was very excited.
St. Mary's was in a picture within that group so I got lucky there.

Next I'm going to share some more pictures with known locations
Also Tyniec
Near Tyniec Abbey. Notice the painting on the rocks (top center).
Wawel Castle

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