Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hi, My Name Is Chloe And I'm A Crazed Geni Tweeter

I have a problem. I love Twitter. I have another problem. I subscribe to Geni so I can see how I relate to cool and or famous people. Put together? I tweet quite a bit about the people I'm related to. The relationship paths. I don't care if it takes up three tweets because I'm limited on characters and the path is so absurd... I don't care it's going up there. But I believe being a crazy Geni tweeter has its advantages (says the girl with three free shirts, two pens, and a huge mention in a WSJ article...) So yesterday while I was sitting on my couch feeling all blah and sick like and watching the revolutionary war documentary thing on the history channel can you guess what I was doing? Of course you can. I told you in my post yesterday. I was on Geni on the project titled signers of the Declaration of Independence. I started out going through every. Single. One. And then I was afraid twitter would screw me over like it did for the finale of WDYTYA... And God knows I can't deal with the hour long twitter banishment again... So I started picking out the interesting names. Didn't matter if they signed the paper or not. Or seeing what other people on my home page were following, even if they were from the British side (I do love Brits in all other matters...) Where was I. Oh yeah. I probably had 20 shared paths on there yesterday. And today I looked at my phone and saw this tweet: “@geni: @bibliophile89 wow, that was just awesome! You should totally turn it into a blog post” So blog I shall. Don't worry, I won't bore you all with every single person. I'll find the highlights. So obviously one major person is George Washington. "George Washington, 1st President of the USA is your 11th cousin 7 times removed. " Making it more personal is this little blurb from a genealogy book I downloaded from my nook, and is also available online here: I don't know Joseph Fisher. Apparently he's connected to Pitner and Farley. Trivia time! Who knows the Pitner revolutionary war ancestor? That's right! Captain Lambert Pitner! So look here: "Lambert Pitner was with Washington at Trenton, Dec. 26, 1776, when the memorable expedition was made across the Delaware..." The site is pretty cool. Although it won't let you copy and paste. Which right now is annoying my. Or at least it won't on the iPad. Whatevs. Everyone knows of Paul Revere. The British are coming the British are coming! "Paul Revere is your 9th great aunt's second cousin thrice removed's husband's father." This next lady I didn't know about. Yes I said lady in reference to the revolutionary war. Apparently Deborah Sampson was the early American version of Mulan. (side note: I posted that on Facebook and it started aback and forth comment singing of "I'll make a man out of you") "Deborah Sampson (Continental Army) is your 7th cousin 7 times removed." Here's the Wikipedia page: Basically, she dressed like a man and signed up for the army. She had two musket balls in her thigh and wanted to die rather than go to the hospital. Secret would have been out then. Well she didn't die. She removed one of the balls by herself. By. Herself. With a penknife and a sewing needle. Oh dear god. That's worse than when Willie from Swamp People was shot in the eye and arm and his dad tried to remove the one with the "family butcher knife". I digress. She was found out the next year after she got a fever and a dr tried to treat her and was like.. Whoops that's not a man... That was all fine and dandy.What pisses me off though, her pay was withheld because she was a woman. She eventually got some, but she had to petition for it and jump through all these hoops. No fair. But hey that's how it was I guess. Ok now for one of the signers. Plus one of my twitter followers reminded me of the WDYTYA drinking game, and I thought hey, alcohol! So I thought of him: "Gov. Samuel Adams, Signer of the "Declaration of Independence" is your 18th great grandfather's wife's fourth cousin once removed's wife's fifth great nephew. " That's hard to wrap your mind around. So I said to myself "Self! You could be connected to him on the other side of your tree too!" "Gov. Samuel Adams, Signer of the "Declaration of Independence" is your third cousin 8 times removed. " See? Much easier. Well,I think I shall return to my regularly scheduled television programs. And the laundry that I started but never finished. Or the packing I promised my mom I would do... Two hours ago. Tata for now!

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