Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walter to Jacob

Walter Persing was my great grandfather and was born in 1906. He died aroune 1970 so I never met him.
His parents were Charles and Cora. All together they had 5 children: Chester (1896), Florence (1898), Earl (1900), Russel (Rudy, 1902), and Walter.

Walter and Earl invented jalepeno hot chips and sold them until a fire in the 1960s.

Earl married and lived near Gettysburg for a while. He had no children.

Florence married Morris Yeager. I don't know the names of the children or grandchildren.

Chester Persing was WMA's headmaster from 1937 until its closing in 1971. He also wrote books and translated childrens books into other languages. Apparenty he did an extensive genealogy... I need to look into that.

Rudy married Jessie, they had no children. Rudy died in the late 40s ealry 50s. He once conducted a train that ran from Shamokin, to Minersville, and Reading.

Charles was born in 1872. His parents were Ilif Persing and Mary Johnston. Ilif was in the Civil war.
Other children from this marriage include Joseph, Harry, and Margaret/ Maggie.

Ilif was born in 1839. His parents were Jacob Persing (1799) and Elizabeth Shipe (1805).
There were about 8 children, and I will get to that later.


Jacob + Elizabeth
-Ilif + Mary Johnston
--Maggie + Daniel Hornberger
--Charles + Cora
---Chester + ?
---Florence + Morris Yeager
---Earl +?
---Russel/ Rudy + Jessie
---Walter + Eleanor Hauck
----my grandpa
----my uncle
----another uncle

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