Monday, November 22, 2010

Persing + Shipe

Jacob Persing (1799) married Elizabeth Shipe (1805)

Elizabeth's parents were John Henry Shipe and Elizabeth Scherri. Other children from this marriage include: John, Henry, Abraham, Jacob, Maria, and Michael.

John Henry's parents were Anna Eitel and Johan Michael Schieb. Anna's father was John Eitel. No other information is available on her side. Children born to Anna and Johan Michael include: Anna, Margaret, Anna Barbara, and Peter.

Ok from this point on, I will not include brothers or sisters. Apparently in those days everyone wanted to name their kids the same and it just gets complicated.

Johan Michael Schieb's parents were Juliana Suter (b.1714) and Johan Adam. he was possibly married to two other women.
-- Julianna's parents were Johannes Suter and Elizabeth Luther. Elizabeth's mother was Julia.

Johan Adam's parents were Anna Rauch and Johan Nickel Schieb.
--Anna's parents were Hans Peter Rauch and Maria Goler.
---Hans Peter's parents: Reichart Rauch and Martha Helm. Martha's father was Theobold
----Reichart's parents: Peter Rauch and Baebara Schwind. Barbara's father was named Casper
---Maria Goler's parents: Nickel (1590) and Christina
----Nickel's parents: Peter and Catharina

Next time I'll finish up the Schieb line.... I hope.

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