Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lapinsky's...

or Lapinski.... Lipinski... Lupinski... etc etc...

Now that the Bieda side is done, as much as possible, I will share my great grandmother's side. I'm having a lot of issues, mostly name changes.

My great grandmother's name was Mildred Lapinsky. Her parents were Anthony (Antoni) and Louise (Ludwiga). I don't have a last name for her. I know that they married in America. I'm not sure if Louise was born in America or Poland. Anthony came over from Poland twice. Apparently he didn't like America the first time. In a census record I found Louise listed as Julia. I would have disregarded the record, but all of the children were the same (except for a Ludwika changed to Julia)

The children were: Stanley (b. 1894), Josephine (1895), Julie (1897), Frances (1898), Anna (1899), and Mildred (1905).

Frances kind of confuses me... On another census I found the name Nancy. Maybe they called her Francy and the census taker heard Nancy.. I don't know.

Since that pretty much is the end of my Polish side, I thought I'd share some more Polish stuff. Here are a few words my family uses.

Dziadzi (ja-jee)- grandpa
Busia- grandma
Cioci- aunt
Matka- mother
Ojciec- father

Example: My busia would talk about her cioci Frances.

Food.... very very important!!!
Pierogi- yum yum yum. we usually make Mrs T's with butter and plenty of onions. Very good deep fried! Cottage cheese ones are good too, but Mrs. T's doesn't make those...

Golabki- "little pigeon" stuffed cabbage. delish. We use both beef and pork, and cooked rice for the stuffing part. Then of course cooked cabbage. Put those in a baking dish covered with extra cabbage leaves, place more on top, then cover with tomato juice. Serve with mashed potatoes and use the tomato juice as gravy. AMAZING

Halushki- cabbage and noodles

Bleenies- potato pancakes. good with salt, pepper, and a little bit of sour cream. mmm

Chrusciki- angel wings. I've never tried them but apparently its some sort of dough with powdered sugar?
Anyway, as my cousin says, never put dough in front of a polish girl.

As I'm writing this I may have found another link to the Lapinski's thanks to Stay tuned.

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