Monday, December 13, 2010

The rest of the Persings

Sorry for the delay. Finals are over now so I can actually post!

Lets go back to Jacob Persing (b. 1799). I'd like to quickly mention his brother William (b. 1792) who married Nancy Pitner (b. 1794). The Pitner's appear in another section of my tree.

Jacob and William (there were other siblings, but I will not mention them right now.)
parents: Mathias Persing + Katie Baker

Parents of Mathias: Johannes Wilhelm Person (b 1733) + Barbara Drum
Johannes Wilhelm Person was born Zweibrucken, [county], Alsace, Germany and died in Grenwich, Sussex, New Jersey. He married his wife and had two children before comming to America. George Washington once camped near his home during the revolutionary war.

So in summary...
Johannes Wilhelm Person + Barbara Drum
-Mathias Persing + Katie Baker
--William Persing + Nancy Pitner
--Jacob Persing + Elizabeth Shipe/ Schieb
---Ilif Persing + Mary Johnson
----Charles Persing + Cora
-----Chester Persing
-----Florence Persing
-----Earl Persing
-----Russel Persing
-----Walter Persing + Eleanor Hauck
------Grandpa + Grandma

*A few entries ago I mentioned Chester Persing. He did his own genealogy which I have not seen. According to a source providing me with some information, Chester's findings did not include the surname Person. Apparently, After comming over from Germany, Netherlands, or Wales, Persing replaced the surname Phersig (or similarly strange spelling). I guess I'll never know unless I find that genealogy....

Next time...Hauck surname

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