Monday, December 20, 2010

Hauck Part 2

Good Morning! A few updates since last time:

 Marion Hauck was a carpenter. On his WW1 draft card he is described as tall with a medium build. Grey eyes and light brown hair. Apparently he had his appendix removed too.

Wilfred Hauck was a blacksmith in 1910 and was married in 1890

Henry Hauck was a coach maker according to the 1870 census. That sounds pretty cool.

The sword: Marion gave the sword to my grandpa. Henry was around during the civil war but nothing suggests that he owned the sword. I believe it is a cavalry sword, obviously union side. Theres a belt buckle with an eagle on it. I guess I'll have to look into it a bit more. I wonder if one of Henry's brother's owned it? If anyone knows about the civil war and the weapons and stuff please comment.

Henry's parents were David Hauck and Anna Lantz. Like I said last time, Lantz is a different blog entry.

David's parents were Andrew Hauck and Sarah.
Andrew's father was John Hauck abt. 1750
John's parents were Jacob Hauck abt. 1720 and Margaret b. 1728.

Nest time: either Pitner or Lantz. Havent quite decided. I like the Pitner side better though. It leads to some very cool people. Well, Lantz has some cool people too.

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