Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ludwik's Brothers

Ludwik/ Louis had three older brothers: Walter,  Alexandor, and Jozef.

I do not have a birthdate for Walter. As of 1913, he was married and had a child, which is why he stayed in Poland rather than comming to America. The names associated with this branch are a little iffy. On one ship manifest for the rest of the Biedas, there was a space for relative in native country. It looked like Wloded Bieda. I don't know if such a name exists, but thats what happens when you look at handwritting from the early 1900s.

Walter married "Anna" , unknown last name. They had a daughter who's name was either Anna or Wanda. She married and had a son named "Jerry". My aunt told me the Polish version was "Yeshie" but I'm not sure how to spell that. Thats what it sounded like. He was in an aerospace program that was top secret. Apparently he wanted to visit America, but he couldn't. (Which makes sense, this was probably during the Cold War). "Yeshie" married Barbara, unknown last name. They had a son Adam. He is probably in his 40s now. My great grandmother Mildred, went to Poland in either 1970 or 1971 and Adam was young, perhaps 2 or 3 years old.

Walter Bieda + "Anna"
-Anna/Wanda + ?
--Jerry ("Yeshie") + Barbara

Alex married a woman named Mary and they moved to Philadelphia*. They had three daughters (Angie, Eleanor, and Marie) and a son (Joe). Angie never married. Eleanor married twice and had a daughter. Marie married Dennis Acker, but I'm not sure if they had any children. Joe married a woman named Marie but never had children. I found a draft card for Alex when he was 48. The address listed was in Shamokin and it said he was married. His name was spelled Aleksander Bieda.

Alex Bieda + Mary
-Eleanor +?
-- ?
-Marie Bieda + Dennis Acker
-Joe Bieda + Marie

Jozef married but never had children. I believe he stayed in the Shamokin area.

Thats all for now. Next time information from Jakob and Anna's Polish records. Also, a strange name from an Ellis Island ship record.

*At some point the Bieda's (except for Louis) changed their name to Biedzinskie. The reasoning behind it? I was told it sounded "more Polish".

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