Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vanderslice Cemetery

When I saw my dad's mom again (aka "new" grandma)  she mentioned a bunch of cemeteries that people in our family was buried in. The next day we hit a bunch of them. And I mean a bunch. The first we went to was Vanderslice Cemetery in Columbia County.

I didn't know who was buried there. I didn't know where it was. My dad didn't' know either... and he was driving. We eventually found it. Another hidden one like the Presbyterian Chapel Cemetery from a few years ago. At least this one had a big sign.

Now if you look at the picture on Findagrave.com... it looks a lot nicer in the 2004 photo. Sad really. I'd like to go back and clean it up.

We didn't find too many people in there actually... and none with surnames I was familiar with... but of course I looked up the cemetery online later.

There are quite a few Melick's in this cemetery surprisingly. We only saw maybe 10 graves. I don't know if it's just that overgrown or what.

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