Friday, July 26, 2013

The Snyders

My dad's surname is Snyder. I'll talk a little bit about his father's side.

Donald Snyder (my grandpa that I never met) was in the Korean War, worked in a Penitentiary, and died of cancer.

His parent's were Harvey Snyder (1902-1956) and Mary Reed (1906-1984).

Harvey's parents: Harry M. Snyder (1889-1959) and Sadie Welker (1879-1957).

Harry's parents: Tyrus Snyder (1839?) and Sarah Speck (1840?).

That's the part that get's kind of iffy on Ancestry. I'm not too confident on the hints I have for Tyrus and Sarah. I know they're in my tree though because my aunt and grandma worked on the family tree chart.

Sadie Welker's parents: Henry J Welker(1856) and Lucetta Bordner (1858).

Henry Welker's parents: Henry Welker (1830) and Mary Snodgrass (1825).

Mary Reed's parents: Charles F. Reed (1875) and Leah Catherine Hain (1883)

Charles Reed's father: John L Reed. His parents were Levi Reed annd Mary Auchmuty. I'd love to learn more about her. She's from Glasgow.

Leah's parents were John Samuel Hain and Leah Catherine Snyder.

From what I've been told there are some Hain/Haines that were in the civil war. I haven't found which ones though.

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