Friday, May 18, 2012

The end of Who Do You Think You Are

First, I would like everyone to know that yes I am alive after tonight's episode. Twitter just cut me off from tweeting. In the last bit of the show too!! How dare they! I had some witty comments and at least 8 more drinks to report on. I can't even view my drafts now because twitter is retarded on my phone and I can't figure out where it is on my iPad. Le sigh. I forget what I was going to say. That's what happens when you actually participate in the drinking game I guess. Especially when the last segment had 4 yalls and we drank to those too. Oh yes last wdytya. Apparently NBC doesn't follow us on the twitter. Otherwise they would know how important wdytya is to us. I mean sure PBS has finding your roots. It's not as fun. There's no drinking game (that I know of). Will they put the show on another channel? Can I view episodes online if I don't get that channel? I mean, it's nice to see that we're not just a lone batch of crazy people stuck on the branches of our family tree. To have celebs be interested in genealogy... It makes it "cool" or something. I mean I'd still do it anyway but hey. I like being able to talk about the show with people too. I mean I can't just hop on a plane and meet people at a genealogy conference. I have no money and plenty of social anxiety. So. Tv and twitter are perfect for me. But noooo. Let's cancel the show. And another thing. It's not common for websites to work together. Especially when both are looking for the same clients. The same paying clients. Wdytya kind of brought two together. Not that was saying hay everyone go to geni! Or geni saying hey go to ancestry! It's more of a pro for if you think of it. Notice that every Friday or nearly every time wdytya is on they post the celebrity profile so you can see how you are related. Kicker? You need to be a member to see the path. But it shows their support for a show sponsored by And of course geni probably thinks hey maybe I can get more members if I try to get in with the crew. Face it has more commercials and probably more popularity. But I digress. They still shouldn't cancel the show. Twitter shouldn't block people from over tweeting. Even if they're rambling alcohol induced tweets. Well I should be able to tweet now so I will end this here and pray I made some sort of sense in this blog.

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  1. You need more posts like this. Every ' I mean,' chance for me to drink-in what you really mean : ).