Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Bieda

This past week I noticed that I've had a lot of blog views from Poland. Particularly to the Bieda pages of my blog. It's been driving me crazy. I keep thinking "oo is it a relative?" So I thought I'd post some more stuff on the Bieda family. Or perhaps repeat some stuff. Who knows.

I have some documents that I need some help decoding. I can figure out the general stuff. Sort of. Its in Latin and Polish and the dreaded 18-1900s cursive writing.

Jakob Bieda's baptism record

So I know where Poreba Spytkowska is on a map. It's between Krakow and Tarnow and right next to Okocim. This is good. I know there are the parents listed and their parents. Also good. They're in my tree already. Don't know what the B name is under father though. And I don't know what the "Patrial" part is. Or what the stamps or signatures are.

Next up we have the marriage certificate for Jakob Bieda and Anna Klaus

Sponsas I'm guessing means parents? since... Those are the same names. Once again don't understand the box on the right.

Ludwik's Baptism record

Ok so he was born in 1902 BUT the bottom of the paper says 1913. I think it's March. That's when they got on the ship and came over to the good ole USA. So why would they wait to get the paper until then? Why wouldn't they have it on hand?

Ok next up we have a screen shot from the Ellis Island site. The ship manifest from the Kronprincessen Cecile (slightly edited in paint to point out my peeps)

Ok so this needs some translating. Luckily I know what it says. I just don't know what it means.

Jakob is on line 5. First red dot. Followed by Anna, Alex, Jozef and Ludwik

The area with the red ( and arrow is the "Whether going to join a relative or friend, if so their name and address"

It says "br. in law Wojciech Niemiec 412 Harrison St. Shamokin, Pa"

the br. in law is on 2 lines. Not sure about the numbers for the street.

Anyway, like I said in an earlier post, I did some digging and found a Wojciech and Petronella Niemiec in the same cemetery as Jakob and Anna. (Just realized "digging" may not have been the best word choice here... but it's gonna stay). Now I know, Wojciech and Petronella are such common names *eye roll*. Based on the manifest it means Petronella is either Anna or Jakob's sister. Probably Jakob's. Dunno why but that's what my brain says.

Anyone with suggestions about the documents feel free to comment because I sure wouldn't mind the help. 

And to those people from Polska looking at my blog posts... PLEASE COMMENT! If you know anything I'd love to hear it! Thanks in advance! I know you're out there somewhere.

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