Thursday, December 1, 2011

Extra Extra!

Ok I'll warn you, I am very excited right now. Like that one person in the SNL skit "Surprise Party". Haven't seen it? Well you should. But right now I'm just so FRIGGIN EXCITED.

No, its not a huge genealogical discovery. I haven't found the long lost Polish relatives. I haven't found any new documents. I haven't seen new pictures of my relatives.


My ancestors are in the news.

From the itty bitty towns of Elysburg and Shamokin.... The Bieda and Persing families are in the news. The coal miners that came from Poland and left a brother behind. My nana in a tree. Even a picture of my pap's dad in a video.

Not just the news mind you. The Wall Street Journal.

Not just a local paper. THEEE Wall Street Journal. Excuse me whilst I squeal in excitement.

Theres the article, an interactive graphic, and a video!

Here is the link

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