Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation day 1

I will keep this short because I'm on my iPhone. Hopefully no emberrasing autocorrects. Lol. So haven't even been in the state 24 hours and I've been to two cemeteries. Approximately 300 photos were taken. Also good sunset cemetery photos. Very nice.

At Jacobs church cemetery a kitten followed us literally all around. My photos have her everywhere including on top of headstones. Adorable. Did semi crime scene photos. I'm satisfied. Started taking photos of tombstones that I don't even know for sure if I'm related to. At end found out my pap knows ppl that take care of cemetery. After phone calls discovered they only have list of ppl there not locations.

Next was pine hill. Got some kase and pitners etc. Pap knew someone that took care of that one too. Better luck. Had a book of everyone, plot locations, and then what was cause of death. THEN. There was a map. I have brilliant pictures of the map. Over 6ft long. Don't worry I took close ups. My crime scene photos again.

Ps computer wifi actin up hence iPhone use.

Pap let me take pix of the sword too. Ok now I'm not even able to read what I'm. Typing. Forgive me. Lol. Ok brain fart on the rest of genealogy events. Later peeps.

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